About Us

"At MFT 101, we turn aspirations into real-world success. We provide future marriage and family therapists with a thorough exam preparation platform that closely replicates the conditions of the actual MFT Exam. Our detailed insights and constructive feedback are designed to refine your abilities, transforming your goal of becoming a licensed therapist into an attainable achievement."

MFT 101

Your Launchpad to MFT Excellence

At MFT 101, we are a dedicated team of experienced therapists and educators, passionate about empowering the next generation of marriage and family therapists. We bring together years of clinical experience and teaching expertise to provide unparalleled guidance for the MFT exam. Our focus is on creating an educational experience that not only prepares you for the exam but also lays a strong foundation for your future practice. United in our commitment to your success, we strive to be the stepping stone in your journey towards becoming a licensed therapist.

Why Choose Us?

Authentic Exam Experience

Our platform meticulously replicates the nuances of the actual MFT Exam, ensuring that you gain a realistic test-taking experience. With us, you’re not just practicing questions; you’re mastering the skills to effectively tackle the real challenges of the MFT Exam.

Tailored Insights

We embrace the uniqueness of each learner. Our system evaluates your responses to provide custom feedback that celebrates your strengths and clearly identifies areas needing attention, ensuring a focused and efficient study process.

Practice Without Limits

We understand that perfection comes with practice. Our unlimited exam attempts mean you can refine your knowledge and approach, building confidence and competence at your own pace for the MFT Exam.

What Sets MFT 101 Apart?

Test Your Knowledge

Dive into a comprehensive collection of practice questions that test your knowledge and mirror the real MFT exam format.

Correct & Incorrect Answers Provided

Gain insights with explanations for both correct and incorrect answers, deepening your understanding of complex therapy concepts.

Unlimited Exam Attempts

Practice as much as you need with our unlimited exam attempts, ensuring you’re thoroughly prepared for each topic.

Emailed Results

Receive email reports after each exam attempt, highlighting your strengths and areas for improvement to guide your study plan effectively.

“I loved how the course was structured – it made studying less overwhelming and more effective. The results after each quiz were incredibly helpful.”

SARAH M., Therapy Student

“The detailed feedback on practice tests helped me identify and strengthen my weak areas. I highly recommend this course to anyone preparing for the MFT.”

David M., Counseling Student

“The practice questions were incredibly on point. This course significantly improved my understanding and confidence for the MFT exam.”

Michael T., Aspiring Therapist

“I was amazed by how accurately the practice questions mirrored the actual exam. This course has been a crucial part of my study regimen.”

John K., Marriage and Family Therapy Intern